Warcraft The Beginning (2016)

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Warcraft The Beginning (2016)


Warcraft the Beginning

Draenor, lumea orcilor, moare. Gul’dan uneste toate triburile de orci sub numele de Horde si impreuna cu o putere magica si misterioasa numita „fel” el creeaza un portal catre lumea Azeroth. Fel au nevoie de forta vitala pentru a mentine portalul deschis, asa ca orcile isi sacrifica prizonierii pentru a-i folosi ca si combustibil. Gul’dan aduce cu el o armata mica pentru a-i aresta pe locuitorii din Azeroth si ii aduce la „fel” pentru a putea strange destul combustibil ca sa poata sa isi aduca intreaga armata. Durotan, capul clanului Frostwolf, Draka, sotia lui insarcinata, si prietenul sau Orgrim Doomhammer se unesc cu triburile mai mici. Atunci cand orcile ajung in Azeroth, Gul’dal o ajuta pe Draka sa nasca, insa copilul nu poate fi salvat. Cu puterea sa Gul’dan isi foloseste energia unor caprioare ca sa-i aduca la viata copilul si fara sa stie il umple de energia „fel” pe copilul Durotan. Orcile ataca mai multe locatii prin Azeroth. Domnul Anduin Lothar, un comandant militar din Stormwind a auzit toate cadavrele erau culese si trimise intr-un loc special. Acesta a decis sa viziteze acel loc pentru a vedea ce faceau cu corpurile. Acolo Lothar l-a intalnit pe Khadgar, un tanar vrajitor. Khadgar i-a explicat ca el investigheaza corpurile deoarece a gasit urme de „fel” inauntrul lor. Khadgar apoi l-a sfatit pe regele din Stormwind, Llane Wrynn, sa se consulte cu Medivh, un magician de rang inalt care este de asemenea si un expert in Trisfal, iar apoi Llane i-a trimis pe Lothar si Khadgar in fortul Medivh din Karazhan pentru a le transmite informatia celor din Azeroth. 

Autor: Pieter
Traducator: Radu Ivanovici
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Warcraft the Beginning

Draenor, the orcs world, is dying. Guldan unite the orcish tribes into a force called Horde, a mysterious and magical power called fel to create a portal to the world of Azeroth. Fel need life energy sucked to dry to maintain the portal, so Orc prisoners sacrificed to fuel the portal. Guldan bring a small army to arrest residents in Azeroth as a detainee, and presenting them for fel, so as to bring the whole Horde. Durotan, head of the Frostwolf clan, Draka, his pregnant wife, and his friend Orgrim Doomhammer joins forces with little. When the orcs arrived in Azeroth, Guldan help Draka by birth, but the baby can not be saved. With his power Guldan then use the energy of live deer that stood to revive and instill fel magic into Durotan baby. Orcs attacked several settlements throughout Azeroth. Sir Anduin Lothar, military commander of Stormwind, received the news that the army barracks full of bodies with the condition that odd, then he rushed to where the bodies were kept, was where Lothar met Khadgar, a young wizard potential which turned out to be an escape from the witches training. Khadgar explained that he was investigating the bodies because they contain traces of fel. Khadgar then advised the king of Stormwind, Llane Wrynn, to consult with Medivh, a magician highest level who also became keeper Trisfal, then Llane send Lothar and Khadgar to the fort Medivh in Karazhan to inform trail fel in Azeroth. 

Author: Pieter

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