Ukraina / Lupte pentru Donetsk

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Ukraina / Lupte pentru Donetsk

Pro-Russian rebels have stepped up the offensive at the airport in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, while the force the Government of Kiev provides fierce resistance. The Staff of the People\s Republic of Donetsk said that the Ukrainian army violated the ceasefire agreement in the Donbas, 12 times during a single day.
"In the villages of Debaltsevo and Schastye there is a concentration of military forces, including heavy weapons. Moreover, in the area of settlement Metalist was found a vehicle that was struck by a Ukrainian army," said the statement of the Donetsk People\s Republic, adding that in the vehicle were two civilians, who died. During the day, mortar fire was opened several times in residential neighborhoods.

Reporter of the AP saw three rebel tanks to open fire at the main airport terminal in Donetsk. In the whole area is heard sniper fire. The rebels have made less progress in the area around the airport, winning several buildings on its perimeter, using them to attack the main terminal.

Member of the International Committee of the Red Cross was killed on Thursday in the bombing of the city of Donetsk, which is under the control of pro-Russian forces. Team of Agency France Presse saw a dead body in front of the building which houses offices of ICRC. The official of the rescue services Andrej Livchenko states that it is the Swiss citizen who was part of the local mission of the ICRC. Russia has said that the mortar shell that killed Swiss member of the Red Cross in Donetsk, was fired from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian army.

Authorities of the Donetsk People\s Republic (DPR) discuss the possibility of postponing the parliamentary elections on 9 November, said DNR deputy Andrei Purgin. He said that the delay of the parliamentary elections, which were scheduled for 2 November, gives more time to prepare. "The Supreme Council of the Republic shall issue a final decision on the election date," said Purgin. Central Election Commission of the People\s Republic of Lugansk, also is asking to move the parliamentary elections to the 9 November, in order to manage to perform all procedures, according to the Russian agency TASS.

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