Nvidia a creat o inteligenta artificiala care a invatat sa conduca singura

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Nvidia a creat o inteligenta artificiala care a invatat sa conduca singura Image

Nvidia a creat o inteligenta artificiala care a invatat sa conduca singura


Inteligenta Artificiala de la Nvidia Poate Invata Sa Conduca Observand Oamenii

In timp ce Tesla si Google se lupta pentru coroana condusului autonom al masinilor Nvidia pare ca a scos la ivela solutia perfecta. Spre deosebire de metoda traditionala folosita pentru condusul autonom, ei au inceput sa-si invete masina sa conduca in acelasi mod in care ati invata o persoana sa conduca.

In loc sa se bazeze doar pe programare, Inteligenta Artificiala creata de Nvidia este capabila sa invete arta condusului prin observarea actului. ‚BB-8’ este platforma care nu a dat peste majoritatea problemelor peste care dau majoritatea masinilor care se conduc singure. Curbele fortate, condusul pe cai necunoscute si alte dificultati neprevazute fac masinile care se conduc singure foarte neplacute pentru soferul autonom de la Google.

Tesla pe de alta parte nu este nici ea solutia autonoma completa de care avem nevoie.

BB 8 poate invata de la soferii umani cum sa se comporte in situatii speciale in timpul condusului. Poate sa conduca pe orice tip de drum, poate fi unul pe care nu l-a vazut niciodata pana acum si tot stie cum sa procedeze.

Pe langa asta BB8 poate sa realizeze daca nu este nevoie sa stea pe autostrada in orice situatie.

Insa, Nvidia este inca noua in acest domeniu si nu planuieste sa-si faca propriul vehicul. Cel mai probabil aceasta tehnologie le-ar putea permite celorlalti producatori de masini sa isi imbunatateasca propriile vehicule in viitorul apropiat. 

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Nvidia’s A-I Can Learn Driving Simply by Watching Human Drivers

While Tesla & Google battle for autonomous driving crown, Nvidia may actually come up with an ideal solution. As opposed to the traditional method in the field of autonomous driving, they’re teaching their car to drive just like driving teachers taught everybody of us.

Instead of relying solely on programming, A-I by Nvidia is completely able to learn the art of driving just by watching humans. Called ‘BB-8’, the platform hardly shares the challenges which are faced by present day self-driving cars. Hard turns, blind-corners, unknown road traveling, construction zones provide a good amount of difficulty for the autonomous driver of Google.

Tesla, on contrary is not the complete autonomous solution also.

BB 8 can learn what human drivers might do in a particular situation whilst seeing them drive. It is able to drive on all kinds of roads, even if they are completely new to it.

What’s more, BB 8 can realize it does not need to stay onto the motorway in every situation.

But, the fact is, Nvidia is quite new in this field, & it does not have any plans on making their own vehicle. What might happen is, this technology could be permitted to other car manufacturers as autonomous vehicles begin to hit the market in the future.

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