Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

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Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)


Independence Day: Resurgence

Independence Day este un film lansat de studioul 20th Century Fox. Acesta este un film sci-fi regizat de Roland Emmerich. Filmul este o continuare a filmului care a fost lansat in anul 1996 numit „Independence Day”. Insa foarte multa lume se intreaba daca chiar este o continuare. Daca am distrus toti extraterestrii in filmul trecut atunci de ce mai exista extraterestrii in continuare? Speram ca vom primi raspunsul cand va fi lansat filmul.

20 de ani au trecut de la evenimentele din filmul anterior si se pare ca lumea a redevenit sigura si ca Natiunile Unite au creat un sistem numit Earth Space Defense (ESD). Acest sistem a fost creat pentru a putea proteja pamantul in cazul unui nou atac. Oamenii au inceput sa foloseasca tehnologia folosita de extraterestrii care au atacat pamantul in trecut. Inainte sa fie distruse complete, navele extraterestre au trimis un mesaj de ajutor catre o alta galaxie. Acum, se pare ca istoria se va repeta. Insa, oamenii nu mai sunt la fel de panicati deoarece de aceasta data au tehnologia necesara pentru a putea contra-ataca. 

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Independence Day : Resurgence

Independence Day is a film distribution Resurgence 20th Century Fox sci-fi genre, directed by Roland Emmerich. This film is a sequel of the 1996 movie titled "Independence Day" is questionable whether there will be a sequel or not? and if we win the battle with the aliens and destroy all the ships in the first film, whether the planet where the aliens come not figure out whats going on ?, All will be answered in this film. Twenty years after the events of the first film (Independence Day 1996), the world has returned to normal and of the events that the UN set up the system the Earth Space Defense (ESD), which is a program of global defense which serves as an early warning of the earth when it will be attacked by using technology from the wreckage of alien forces first wave and also set up military forces in months. before it was completely destroyed, the aliens first wave have sent a signal to his troops who were in another galaxy to send a larger fleet again. It could threaten the return of mankind but the inhabitants of the earth have been preparing for their arrival to defend the Earth from destruction.

Author: Pieter

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