Discursul prim ministrului Theresa May a socat lumea!

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Discursul prim ministrului Theresa May a socat lumea! Image

Discursul prim ministrului Theresa May a socat lumea!


Discursul Prim Ministrului Theresa May  a Socat Intreaga Lume

Noul prim ministru al Marii Britanii Theresa May a facut un discurs socant la Conferinta Conservativa care a luat loc in Birmingham saptamana trecuta. Ea a spus ca guvernul ei era foarte serios atunci cand venea vorba de Brexit si ca prin discursul acela ea le poate arata ca conservatismul era s-a schimbat cu mult fata de cum era sub fostul prim ministru David Cameron.

Ea a spus ca ea va interveni cu tot ce poate oricand va fi nevoie de ea pentru clasa muncitoare din Marea Britanie si ca ea va distruge cu totul imigratia ilegala.

Ea a denumit referendumul Brexit de pe data 23 „revolutia calma”. Ea a declarat ca, „Schimbari s-au petrecut instant insa consecintele sunt minuscule considerand faptul ca noi acum am capatat controlul destinului nostru, avem acum sarcina de a rezolva problemele Marii Britanii – precum antrenarea oamenilor sa preia locurile de munca ale viitorului – aceasta problema a devenit mult mai urgenta dupa Brexit.

„Insa normal ca schimbarea a avut loc datorita revolutiei calme care a avut loc in tara noastra acum trei luni de zile – o revolutie in care milioane de cetateni s-au ridicat in picioare si au spus ca s-au saturat sa fie ignorati.

„Acesta este un punct foarte important in istoria tarii noastre. Aceasta este sansa noastra sa schimbat directia in care se indreapta tara noastra. Este timpul sa ne ridicam din nou in picioare si sa ne intrebam ce tara vrem noi sa fim.”

Desi discursul prim ministrului May a fost aplaudat de membrii propriului sau partid, ea a fost atacata instant de oponentii sai. Liderul partidului Muncitorilor Jeremy Corbyn a spus ca prim ministrul „aprindea si mai mult flacarile xenofobiei si a urii din comunitatile noastre si incerca sa dea vina pe straini” pentru a compensa esecurile partidului sau.

Liderul scotian Nicola Sturgeon a spus ca discursul prim ministrului May a fost „cea mai scandaloasa expunere a politicilor dreapte din lumea asta”.

Multi lideri ai unor firme s-au enervat foarte tare cand au auzit politicile anti-imigranti a partidului Conservativ. Carolyn Fairbairn, sefa industriei CBI a declarat ca: „am fost un magnet pentru talent timp de multi ani de zile. Ar trebui sa fim mandri de abilitatea noastra de atragere a celor mai buni, nu sa facem ce a spus partidul acesta”.

Prim ministrul May a vorbit foarte mult despre elita globala, despre firmele multinationale precum Apple care au evitat platirea taxelor si despre practicile firmelor cele mai controversate care sunt urmate de multi directori. Ea a declarat ca „deci daca tu esti un sef care face un car de bani dar nu se uita la membrii staff-ului sau, o companie internationala care trateaza legile taxelor ca si un lucru optional, o firma miliardara care refuza sa lucreze cu autoritatile ca sa lupte impotriva terorismului, un patron care scoate o suma uriasa in timp ce stie ca firma nu detine destui bani ca sa plateasca toate pensiile muncitorilor atunci: va avertizez: Nu veti mai face ce vreti voi de acum incolo.”

Ea s-a referit direct la alegatorii partidului Muncitorilor, spunand ca partea lor nu mai era in centrul politicilor britanice si ea a spus ca partidul sau era „partidul muncitorilor adevarati, partidul oamenilor de zi cu zi, partidul NHS-ului”. 

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Prime Minister Theresa May’s Powerful Speech Draws Mixed Reactions

The new Prime Minister of Britain Theresa May made a powerful speech at the Conservative Conference held in Birmingham last week. She said that her government was serious about Brexit and through her speech showed that her conservatism was different from that of previous Prime Minister David Cameron’s.

She said that she would intervene whenever needed on the behalf of the working class in Britain and would take steps to crack down on illegal immigration.

She hailed the Brexit referendum of June 23 as a “quiet revolution”. She said, “Change has got to come because as we leave the European Union and take control of our own destiny, the task of tackling some of Britain’s long-standing challenges - like how to train enough people to do the jobs of the future - becomes ever more urgent.

“But change has got to come too because of the quiet revolution that took place in our country just three months ago – a revolution in which millions of our fellow citizens stood up and said they were not prepared to be ignored anymore.  

“Because this is a turning point for our country. A once-in-a-generation chance to change the direction of our nation for good. To step back and ask ourselves what kind of country we want to be.”

While Prime Minister May’s speech was widely heralded by members of her own party, she was attacked by the opposition. Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn said the prime minister was “fanning the flames of xenophobia and hatred in our communities and trying to blame foreigners” for failures of her party.

Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon said Prime Minister May’s speech was “the most disgraceful display of reactionary rightwing politics in living memory”.

 Many business leaders reacted strongly to the Conservative Party’s anti-immigrant policies. Carolyn Fairbairn, who heads the industry body CBI, said: “We have been a magnet for talent for many years. We should be proud of our ability to attract the best, and this approach that appears to be around shaming companies for doing that is one that our members are very, very concerned about.”

 Prime Minister May was very critical of the global elite, the multinationals such as Apple that avoided paying taxes and of the controversial business practices followed by many executives. She said,   “So if you’re a boss who earns a fortune but doesn’t look after your staff, an international company that treats tax laws as an optional extra, a household name that refuses to work with the authorities even to fight terrorism, a director who takes out massive dividends while knowing that the company pension is about to go bust: I’m putting you on warning. This can’t go on any more.”  

She made a direct appeal to Labour Party voters, saying that their part was no longer at the centre of British politics and said that it was the the Conservatives that were “the party of the workers, the party of public servants, the party of the NHS”.

Author: Raghav Hegde - India

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