Deadpool (2016)

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Deadpool (2016)



Deadpool este povestea lui Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), un fost soldat militar. Povestea lui Wade este destul de obisnuita, ba chiar are si o iubita numita Vanessa Carlysle. Insa intr-o zi cei doi au aflat ca Wade suferea de cancer. Wade murea, si cu cat devenea mai disperat, cu atat se gandea la cai mai disperate ca sa isi salveze pielea. Intr-o zi el a acceptat sa devina cobaiul unor oameni cu speranta ca poate va putea sa scape de cancer.

Insa experimentul a fost un esec. Desi a reusit sa elimine cancerul din corpul lui Wade, experimentul genetic pare a fi mult mai bizar decat se asteptau cei care l-au facut. Wade are acum abilitatea de a se vindeca super repede. Insa, acest experiment de asemenea i-a distrus intregul corp, lasandu-i fata dezgustatoare si putreda. Dupa ce scapa din acel azil Wade se mascheaza si ii vaneaza pe cei care l-au ranit sub numele sau de super erou Deadpool. Deadpool insa nu este un super erou. El este un anti-erou, sau mai bine spus, un raufacator care nu ii pasa de bine sau de rau. Deadpool constant face fapte bune, dar in acelasi timp ucide foarte multi oameni si nu ii este jena sa lase in urma mii de cadavre pentru a-si atinge scopul. 

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Deadpool movie tells the story of Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), who was a military soldier. Wade initially fairly normal life, he even had a girlfriend named Vanessa Carlysle. But one day she suddenly collapsed, and later revealed that Wade turned out to have cancer that is difficult to cure. Wade was dying, and when he began to despair, he approved an offer to be a guinea pig in the hope his cancer could be lost. He left Vanessa and started to become the object of an experiment in a laboratory.

The experiment apparently failed. Although it managed to eliminate the disease of cancer Wade, genetic experiments have turned out to bring another impact. Wade body now has the ability to heal itself is amazingly fast. Unfortunately, the experiment also makes the face and skin damage. Wade also now have a new power. But for the sake of completing his revenge on those who had ruined his life, Wade then create an alter ego named Deadpool. Deadpool himself known as a character in the gray zone. He is the anti-hero, an assassin, but still has the merit of like a superhero. Deadpool also known as a highly eccentric, fearless, and sometimes ridiculed itself.

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