Coruptia din Afghanistan!

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Coruptia din Afghanistan!


Liderii Afghanistanului se vor intrepta catre Brussels intr-o saptamana, cautand un ajutor de miliarde de dolari deoarece tara se confrunta cu o coruptie imensa. Presedintele Ashraf Ghani din Afghanistan impreuna cu Seful Executiv Abdullah Abdullah le-au spus oamenilor ca vor cere 3 miliarde de dolari pe an la conferinta, care va avea loc martea si miercurea asta. Afghanistanul deja primeste in jur de 5 miliarde pe an, majoritatea din partea Americii, pentru a ascunde costurile apararii.

Pe de alta parte Afghanistanul a fost imbibat in razboi de ani de zile. Punctul culminant a luat loc dupa interventia Americii si a NATO-ului care i-au oferit Afghanistanului miliarde dolari. Cu acesti bani Afghanistanul a creat o economie falsa cu o crestere imensa. Insa, in anul 2014 mai multi factori au cauzat oprirea sau parasirea operatiilor agentiilor internationale, lucru care a afectat economia foarte mult.

Functionarii au estimat o rata de somaj de 50%. Deterioritatea securitatii impiedica castigarea unui profit mai mare din minerit si infrastuctura ceea ce ii determina pe tinerii din tara sa migreze in Europa.

„Afghanistan nu mai primeste un cec gol, acum Afghanistanul primeste indeajuns suport, tot ce avem nevoie este sa avem grija ca merge in locurile corecte si in mainile potrivite. Exista o raspunere pe mainile ambelor parti (Statul Islamic a Afghanistanului si donatorii)” a declarat Javid Faisal, un reprezentant al lui Abdullah.

Productia ilicita a Afghanistanului de mac pentru heroina a produs in jur de 3 miliarde de dolari pe an pentru guvernul Afghanistanului. Pe o scara internationala Afghanistanul a fost plasat pe cel de-al treilea loc dintre cele mai corupte tari din intreaga lume, intrecuta doar de Somalia si Coreea de Nord.

„Coruptia este vazuta ca una din cea mai mare rusine a tarii de straini, insa toate avantajele acestei coruptii au devenit mandria afghanistanilor cu timpul,” a declarat analistul Haroun Mir. El se referea la ofiterii care se dau mari cu ceasuri si masini scumpe si care dorm in case uriase cunoscute ca si „palate de mac” in ciuda faptului ca acei ofiteri fac doar in jur de cateva mii de dolari pe luna.

Un studiu despre venitul afghanistanilor a aratat ca majoritatea locuitorilor sunt fermieri analfabeti, si ca fac mai putin de 1000 de dolari pe an.

Saptamana trecuta in Washington Reprezentantul Statelor Unite pentru Afghanistan si Pakistan Richard Olson tot pentru Afghanistan au declarat ca ei au nevoie de o suma imensa de la donatori pentru a-si reveni. El de asemenea a mai spus si ca progresul a fost creat inca din 2012 si ca venitul a crescut cu 20% anul trecut, ajungand la 1,8 miliarde de dolari. Cu ajutorul acelei sume au redus afacerile ilegale si au crescut bugetul politiei si a securitatii.

„Insa mai avem mult de lucru pentru a elimina cu totul coruptia. Cu totul ca nu suntem nici pe aproape putem observa faptul ca guvernul a creat o cale. Mai mult de 600 de judecatori, 20% din procurori si 25% din ofiterii vamali care au fost fie necalificati fie corupti, nu se mai afla la putere inca de anul trecut,” a spus Olson.

In ciuda progresului coruptia tot ramane una din cele mai mari probleme ale Afghanistanului. Daca nu vom vedea un progres adevarat pe viitor tara nu va ajunge niciodata sa aiba o economie stabila. 

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Afghanistans leaders will head to Brussels in the week, seeking billions of dollars in aid because the country confronts an  pervasive corruption. President Ashraf Ghani of afghanistan as well as Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah tell the peoples that they will secure pledges of $3 billion a year at the conference, which can remain Tuesday and Wednesday. Afghanistan already receives about $5 billion a year, largely from the US, to hide defense costs.

On the other hand Afghanistan has been mired in war for many years. At the peak of the 15-year U.S. and Nato intervention in afghanistan billions of dollars flowed, making a false economy with growth in the double-digits. However, the drawdown of troops in 2014 led several aid employees and international agencies to depart or cut back their operations, inflicting the economy to any or all, however, collapse.

Officials estimate up to 50 % unemployment. Deteriorating security deters foreign investment in the first fields like mining and infrastructure and drives the countrys youth onto the migrant path to Europe in search of opportunities.

"Afghanistan is not any longer simply receiving a blank check, now weve to create confident the support we are receiving goes to the correct places, in the right hands, and theres mutual accountability on either side, Islamic State of Afghanistan and the donors," said Javid Faisal, a representative for Abdullah.

Afghanistans illicit production of poppies for heroin, price about $3 billion a year, has served by the govt of afghanies . The anti-corruption cluster Transparency International systematically ranks Afghanistan among the highest three most corrupt countries, aboard Somalia and North Korea.

"Corruption wants to be a shame to this country, however currently all the items it brings are a badge of pride for the peoples of afghanistan," said analyst Haroun Mir, referring to officers who flaunt expensive watches and cars, and sleep in vast marble homes known as "poppy palaces" despite receiving official salaries of a number of thousand dollars a month.

The average income for Afghanistans calculable thirty million individuals, most of whom are illiterate farmers, is a smaller amount than $1,000 a year.

Last weekSpeaking in Washington , United States Representative for afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Olson same Afghanistan depends on donors for around seventy p.c of its budget. He also stated that progress has been created since 2012, with income assortment growing last year by twenty percent to around $1.8 billion, improved rules against concealment and a reduction in illegal procurements for police and defense .

"But still lot of work to be done on the anti-corruption agenda. However, the govt is creating headway. Over 600 judges, 20 percent of prosecutors, and twenty-five percent of customs officers, who were either unqualified or corrupt, are not present on their seats from the last one year," Olson said.

Despite the progressive enhancements, however, corruption remains one amongst Afghanistans most intransigent issues and is often cited by standard individuals in opinion polls mutually of their primary considerations, along with security.

In a report printed last month, John Sopko, the U.S. official answerable of monitoring reconstruction, same that over the past 15 years corruption "grew, therefore, pervasive that Afghanistans own Independent Joint Anti-Corruption observation and analysis Committee has criticized the govt for not giving enough on anti-corruption in its framework for Bruxelles. It called for specifics on effort corruption in investment, plus registration by officers, civil service, and justice reform, and therefore the countrys "deeply compromised" mining sector.

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