Clinton versus Trump - Cine are cel mai controversat trecut?

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Clinton versus Trump - Cine are cel mai controversat trecut? Image

Clinton versus Trump - Cine are cel mai controversat trecut?


Sustinatorii lui Clinton Sunt Ingrijorati de Noua Strategie a lui Trump

Campania lui Donald Trump a suferit foarte mult in ultima vreme din cauza acuzatiilor aruncate asupra lui. Un numar mare de femei au raportat presei ca Donald Trump le-a agresat sexual in trecut. Intr-o simulare a alegerilor Hillary Clinton a ajuns sa aiba cu 11% mai multe voturi decat Trump. Nate Silver, cel mai bun psephologist al Americii a spus ca Clinton are in jur de 86% sansa sa castige alegerile.

Insa sustinatorii lui Hillary Clinton sunt destul de ingrijorati. Ei se tem ca negativitatea pe care a raspandit-o Trump despre Clinton si se tem ca din cauza acestei negativitati ea va fi invinsa in ziua alegerilor.

Sustinatorii lui Clinton au spus ca alegatorii s-au saturat de atata negativitate in jurul alegerilor. Ei s-au saturat de atatea acuzatii si porecle. Un om care a sustinut-o pe Hillary de foarte mult timp a declarat ca „normal ca avem motive sa ne temem, ne temem ca in ultima zi lucrurile se vor „rasturna” si ca dintr-o data ne vom trezi cu un rezultat neasteptat. Din cauza negativitatii multi nu vor mai vota deloc.”

Multi protestatori au intrerupt-o intruna pe Clinton in timpul discursurilor sale, si l-au acuzat pe sotul ei, fostul presedinte Bill Clinton de viol. Trump a adus cu el patru femei care l-au acuzat pe Clinton ca le-a violat.

Trump a vorbit despre un numar foarte mari de conspiratii impotriva lui care au de-a face cu presa. De asemenea un numar mare de e-mailuri au fost descoperite care prezentau mai clar ce a facut Clinton in timpul campaniei sale.

Grant Reeher din Institutul de Afaceri Publice din Universitatea Syracuse a declarat ca „eu cred ca ambele campanii au amuzat multa lume, insa din cauza conflictelor multiple se pare ca din ce in ce mai multa lume decide sa nu mai voteze deloc.”

 „Oamenii cei mai seriosi vor vota, insa cei care nu prea tin pasul cu politica vor fi cei mai vulnerabili la aceasta solutie,” a mai adaugat el.

Robby Mook, managerul campaniei lui Hillary Clinton a ignorat toate aceste ingrijorari spunand ca, „incepem sa vedem indicatii adevarate ale entuziasmului oamenilor in aceste alegeri, oamenii sunt mai seriosi acum decat erau inainte.”

Printre sustinatorii lui Clinton se afla si presedintele actual Barack Obama si sotia lui Michelle si senatorul Elizabeth Warren. Prima Doamna Michelle Obama a facut un discurs foarte puternic impotriva lui Trump, spunand ca ce a spus el despre femei „m-a socat imens de mult.”

Doamna Obama a declarat ca „stiu ca este o campanie, insa nu mai tine de politica acum,”. „Tine de decenta umana. Tine de bine si de rau. Nu mai putem sa ii permitem omului acesta sa aiba acces la copii nostrii nici macar un minut, cum sa-l lasam la putere timp de patru ani de zile?”

“Acum este momentul perfect ca noi sa spunem ca ne-am saturat,” a mai declarat Prima Doamna. „Ne-am saturat complet.”

Clinton si-a rugat alegatorii sa „evite campania asta plina de ura.” „Americanii vor sa fie cat mai uniti posibili,” a declarat doamna Clinton.

Cal Jillson, un profesor de stiinta politica din Universitatea Sudica Metodista a declarat ca, „victoria [Alegerilor] nu este scopul principal al ei. Trebuie sa va ganditi exact cum va fi primul an al prezidentiei sale si ce va putea face ea ca sa ne ajute tara.”

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Clinton Supporters Worried by Trump’s New Strategy

Donald Trump’s campaign has hit a roadblock recently because of the serious nature of the accusations made against him. A number of women have come out and accused him of behaving inappropriately with them. In a recent opinion poll, Hillary Clinton was found to have an 11% lead over Trump. Nate Silver, America’s greatest psephologist, gives Clinton an 86% chance of winning the election.

Yet, supporters of Hillary Clinton are worried. They worry about the negativity being spread by Trump about Clinton and fear that it would lead to a lower turnout than expected on election day.

Clinton supporters say voters have had enough of the constant negativity surrounding the election. They have had enough of the accusations and the name calling.  A long time Clinton supporter said, “Of course there’s reason to worry, both about the ‘turn off’ effect or the impact if polling continues to show her leading by a wide margin. That, too, could lead some to stay home.”

Many protestors have been interrupting Clinton during her speeches, accusing her husband former President Bill Clinton of rape. Trump brought four women who had accused Clinton of raping them in media conference.

Trump has been warning of a conspiracy waged against him by the mainstream media. There’s also been a slow flow of emails from Wikileaks that has been exposing the inner workings of the Clinton campaign.

Grant ReeheR of the Campbell Public Affairs Institute at Syracuse University said, “I think every campaign from the two presidential campaigns on down are thinking about this, and rightly so, because this kind of conflict can raise the attention level and the interest level of people, but when you start hacking away into the enthusiasm, then that leads a lot of folks to just say, ‘Im not going to bother at all.’”  

“The hardcore people will vote, but it’s the folks that are less attached that are going to be vulnerable to this,” he added.

 Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager dismissed such concerns, saying, "We are starting to see true indications of enthusiasm in this election, and they are pretty indisputable.”

Clinton’s supporters include power people such as President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle and Senator Elizabeth Warren. First lady Michelle Obama gave a powerful speech against Trump, saying his comments about women had “shaken me to core.”

Mrs. Obama said, “I know it’s a campaign, but this isn’t about politics,” Obama said. “It’s about basic human decency. It’s about right and wrong. And we cannot endure this or expose our children to this any longer, not for another minute, let alone for four years."

“Now is the time for all of us to stand up and say, enough is enough,” the first lady added. “This has got to stop right now.”

Clinton herself asked her voters to “reject the dark and divisive and hateful campaign that is being run.” “Americans want to turn out in as large numbers as possible,” Mrs. Clinton said. 

Cal Jillson, a professor of political science at Southern Methodist University concluded, “Winning [the election] is the least of her problems. You have to wonder what her first year will look like and whether she’ll be able to get anything done beyond an infrastructure bill."

Author: Raghav Hegde - India

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