Abuzurile sexuale ale lui Donald Trump!

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Abuzurile sexuale ale lui Donald Trump! Image

Abuzurile sexuale ale lui Donald Trump!


Abuzurile sexuale ale lui Donald Trump: Este acesta sfarsitul fenomenului Trump?

RAPORTUL PERSONALULUI: Timp de ani de zile Donald Trump a transformat tot ce-a atins in aur. Omul de afaceri a creat o dinastie imensa si a devenit Apple-ul firmelor imobiliare. Inainte sa-si inceapa dominanta politica, el a explorat fiecare posibilitate de a face bani din firma lui si din lumea divertismentului.

Nu multi isi amintesc insa el a luat parte in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) si a ajuns si sa stea in ring alaturi de prietenul sau miliardar Vince MacMahon. Cei doi au format un conflict in WWE numit „Lupta dintre Miliardari” in care pierzatorul trebuia sa fie tuns chel de oponentul sau. Normal ca Trump l-a invins pe Vince, asa ca el a fost tuns in public, sau mai bine spus fortat sa fie tuns in public, sub privirea fanilor.

De cand s-a axat pe politica nu totul a mers cum a vrut el. Campania lui de acum patru ani de zile a fost vazuta ca o gluma – o parodie – insa, se pare ca gluma s-a transformat in adevar. Totul a inceput ca o mare si grosolana gluma la care toata lumea radea, nimeni nu se astepta sa ajunga atat de departe. Pentru americani, alegerea pare a fi destul de grea - - fie o aleg pe Hillary Clinton, femeia care a fost implicata in mai multe probleme bizare si confidentiale, fie il aleg pe Donald Trump, omul care pare a trece din scandal in scandal zilnic.

Scandalul lui cel mai recent in care un videoclip a fost scos la iveala in care el spune niste lucruri foarte injositoare despre femei a creat foarte multe probleme pentru Trump. Aceasta scurta discutie a scos la iveala modul in care femeile sunt tratate in lumea moderna. Acuzatiile continua sa se multiplice, in prezent 9 femei au iesit in fata luminilor si l-au acuzat pe Trump ca le-a agresat sexual.

Trump continua sa ignore toate acuzatiile. Tactica lui de atac al tuturor a inceput sa fie repetata de fanii lui care nu il mai vad ca si un politician, ci il vad ca un om care continua sa vorbeasca drept, fara sa cenzureze nimic. Deci, aceste acuzatii sunt atat de grave incat au ajuns la un nivel la care este foarte dificil sa-l mai aperi pe Trump, pana si unii din sustinatorii lui au ajuns sa se indoiasca de ce spune.

Pana la urma, totul tine de modul in care vede intreaga lume politicienii. Cantitatea de lenevie si trecuturi bizare au ajuns sa ii faca pe ambii candidati sa arate patetic. Poate ca e prea devreme, insa cred ca este destul de clar faptul ca cariera politica a lui Donald Trump nu isi va mai reveni dupa acest incident. Daca reuseste sa ajunga presedintele Americii atunci putem spune clar ca incidentul WWE se va repeta, iar Donald Trump va reveni cu aparatul de ras electric si ii va tunde chel pe toti cei care au crezut ca el nu va castiga.

Pana la urma vorbim de Trump aici – omul care isi traieste viata in stilul Hollywood.

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Donald Trump’s sexual transgressions: Is it the end of Trump phenomenon?

STAFF REPORT: For a very long time, Donald Trump has converted everything into gold that he has touched. The fortune 500 businessman has developed a great estate and become the apple of the business community. Before he started his political dominance, he well and truly explored almost all the possible realms of the business and entertainment world.

Not many will remember but he took an active part in his World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and even came to the ring with his billionaire friend Vince MacMahon. The two formed a very interesting dual in WWE labeled as “Battle of the Billionaires” where the loser was supposed to be shaved by the other opponent. Needless to say, Trump came out trumps and Vince had to get publically shaven by him.

Ever since he has been in politics, not all has gone his way. His campaign four years ago was seen as a joke – a parody of sorts – but this term, it has become a reality. It all started as something that no one thought will get this far but it has and people are left shaking their head. For the Americans, the choice seems to be tricky -- they either select Hillary Clinton who has been involved in plenty of shady deals of her own, or Donald Trump who seems to land himself into scandals after scandals.

His recent scandal where a video has been leaked of his behavior towards women has created shockwaves and ripples across the Atlantic. The matter has been well and truly created a global controversy which has brought into limelight how women are treated in today’s world. The allegations continue to increase, as of now 9 women have come upfront and alleged Trump of unwanted sexual behavior and aggression.

Trump has been defiant all this while and continues to remain so. His policy of attacking wherever possible resonates with his fan base as they see him as someone who isn’t a politician and someone who continues to talk to the people openly. That said, the allegations have reached such a level that it’s hard to defend him no matter how staunch a supporter you call yourself.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the point where the whole world is seeing how inept some of our politicians can be. The amount of slack and checkered past that these two have throws many more questions into the ring. It may be too early to say but it seems that Donald Trump’s political career may not recover from this. If it does, it would be pretty apt like WWE style that he’ll come out with an electric shaver and wish to shave the hair of all those who thought he wouldn’t be able to do it.

It’s Trump we are talking about – and he lives the Hollywood lifestyle. 

Author: Zak Hades - Serbia

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